i'm tiffany but i'm more commonly known as a malia tate love struck idiot.

don't talk to me about stelena or allison argent bc i will fucking cry

pll   haleb  

stiles is stressed and irritated about the deadpool list that he’s not on. okay makes sense..

mona and ali are the same. they both lie,deceive and betray their friends. they both need to let things go, mona especially.

Sorry, I should’ve asked. Never did.

of course stiles isn’t “the pack mom”but would it kill him to be a decent individual and not make crude jokes about people can’t change about themselves?

  1. teen wolf fandom: we can dislike malia for whatever reason we want!!!!!! stop shoving her down our throats we hate her!111
  2. teen wolf fandom: stiles is just stressed and irritated. don't you know sarcasm is his only defense??? its not his fault he's an asshole to everyone lol!!!!!!! stop trying to bash characters for no reason!!

sterek is not queerbaiting

sterek is not queerbaiting

sterek is not queerbaiting

  1. sterek is not queerbaiting

sterek is not queerbaiting

the way sterek shippers talk about their fanon like its canon makes me so……..uncomfortable?

its been 100% confirmed: sterek shippers are complete assholes to everyone who says they don’t understand their crackship.. even to the actor who understands his character more than we ever will.